Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Kitchen Table

I have one of those kitchens that have character but just suck to cook in. No counter space and strange set up. I love the old built in cabinets and crown molding but it is not functional. I also hate the cheap newer sink and counter. But changing things is so expensive so I have been making due.

When this house was built in the 20's the kitchen was not supposed to be the center of the house like it has become today. I have been looking for ways to change the kitchen ever since we moved in.
This week I got a butcher block center island/table and I am so pleased. I how have a great work surface that is next to the sink and the stove. If only my fridge was in the kitchen instead of the hall. But I am happy with the addition.

Last week I found an old bread box that I thought would fit under my counters but did not, but will work out great under the new table.


Susie Homemaker said...

I will SO drive all the way to WVUland to buy a table like would be PERFECT in my breakfast area - I NEED IT!!
WOuld you minf letting me know where you got it, price, etc?? I am poor-ish, but have to have your table.
email me at - please??

VT and WVU don't even play anymore - so it won't be againist the law. Plus, I own plenty of WVU clothing, if that counts.

Rebecca Burch said...

That is exactly what I need for my kitchen! Where did you get it?